UPDATE: Peter L. Wilson Has Bounced |:| True Vanishing Art

UPDATE: Wilson has been removed from the Vanishing Art event bio list mid-festival. Big salaams and thanks to Mustafa Al-Layla for the tip. It appears Wilson’s name has been removed form the official bios of the festival, suggesting once again that sickness is not the cause of his departure. -end […]

This Thursday: 19th Century Bohemian Occult Subcultures in Britain |:| Golden Dawn, Polyamory, Mysticism

Phantasmaphile is putting together this: Bohemian Occult Subculture in Britain’s 1890s: How Artists, Actors, and Writers Made the Golden Dawn* An illustrated presentation by Dr. Christina Oakley Harrington of Treadwell’s, London’s legendary occult bookshop Date: Thursday, August 25th Time: 8pm Location: Observatory, Brooklyn Admission: $8 The Order of the Golden […]

New Occult Esoteric Fantastic Web Show

Remember television? That was awesome. Television was that thing that even when it was lame (commercials) it had the potential for being insane (Zoobilee Zoo). Well, television is over. But this new thing called the intranet is going to take off like undies at a poly-friendly post-gender anarchist adult play […]