Russian Space Church in Queens

Fantastic door/above-door facade combo on the left!

Scouting New York has got some really nice photos of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Whitestone, Queens, NY, otherwise known as “Space Church 2099, M’F’in Biotch!”

I haven’t yet seen the inside first hand, however the video at the bottom of the page, along with this photo…

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church interior

…give a glimpse of just what you want to see in an Orthodox Church: beautiful and eerie gold-leaf prints where saints rock hand mudras

[Above: Saint Alexander with pran mudra and Saint Basil with prithvi mudra, respectively.]

The church itself was designed by Toms River, NJ’s own Sergei Padukow and built in 1968. The new—now retro-futuristic—home of God replaced a wooden church built in 1919 which was unfortunately destroyed due to problems carting it to its new home. You can get the full story here.

But, let’s imagine for a second that the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is actually a space ship, since in a way, that’s kind of what it looks like. If that were the case, who do you think would win in a Battle of the Cosmos? The St. Nicholas Orthodox Church…

or the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King of Liverpool completed in 1967…

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ ready for launch

Hard to say, really….

Below is the invitation from Fr. Joseph Woodill, pastor of the St. Nicholas church, to come hang out.

Lighting candles in the dark while singing songs surrounded by icons of bearded mystics on a Saturday night???

Yup. Will be there.

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  1. You might actually discover something interesting if you really go there. Better yet, go in a Sunday morning.
    God bless you!

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