Krishna Conscious

Just Enough Kirtan to Cure What Ails Ya // Saturday March 26

This Saturday the Broome Street Temple will host a six-hour kirtan from 4–10pm. Featured kirtan walas include (but I’m guessing not limited to) such chantanistas as Gaura Vani, Acyuta Gopi, and Ananta Govinda. Check out this Third Wave of Krishna Consciousness and find yrself lifted (or grounded depending on how […]

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna (in Times Square)

There’s so much a person could talk about when it comes to the Hare Krishna movement, ISKCON, and Vaishnavism in general, however, one things stands out: Hare Krishnas love you loving Krishna loving you loving Love. It’s not every day a person comes across a religious or spiritual tradition that […]

Bhakti Cafe Yields Happy Food Stuffs

Even though NYC Vaishnavists (AKA Hare Krishnas, AKA Hare Krishnas no longer aligned with ISKCON, AKA Hare Krishnas who would like to be taken more seriously) are as diverse as the city is densely populated, one thread binds them all: love of food. Krishna devotees have been opening vegetarian restaurants […]