Did You Know That White People Are More or Less Super Geniuses at Everything?

For the Western practitioner, part of what it means to be a “spiritual person” means having your snail-mailbox filled with an insane amount of we-sold-our-mailing-list-and-consequently-your-name-to-another-company spiritual pooh-pooh. That’s how a trip to Kripalu gets you a mystery subscription to pooh-pooh Yoga Journal. Which is how you get on the Omega […]

Bhakti Cafe Yields Happy Food Stuffs

Even though NYC Vaishnavists (AKA Hare Krishnas, AKA Hare Krishnas no longer aligned with ISKCON, AKA Hare Krishnas who would like to be taken more seriously) are as diverse as the city is densely populated, one thread binds them all: love of food. Krishna devotees have been opening vegetarian restaurants […]