Bhakti Cafe Yields Happy Food Stuffs

Hey! They don't look like Hare Krishnas... (photo ©

Even though NYC Vaishnavists (AKA Hare Krishnas, AKA Hare Krishnas no longer aligned with ISKCON, AKA Hare Krishnas who would like to be taken more seriously) are as diverse as the city is densely populated, one thread binds them all: love of food.

Krishna devotees have been opening vegetarian restaurants seemingly since the beginning of time. Whether it be Govinda’s in Philadelphia or Govindas in Vrindavan, Hare Krishnas have always served up the savory veg and have made non-meat-eater’s lives that much more pleasurable. One of the most recent manifestations of the Krishna Conscious eatery is the Bhakti Cafe.

Found on the dessert island of Manhattan (1st Ave. between 1st and 2nd St.), the Bhakti Cafe’s menu is teeming with vegetarian, vegan, and raw delicacies. Standouts include: “paneer garam masala,” “the kerela” wrap, or basically anything that comes with their delicious house dressing. If you’re into something sweet, they’ve got some killer chai and a number of raw and baked desserts.

Before you plan on taking that blind date out for some raw chocolate mousse, however, be sure to check their schedule. The Bhakti Cafe’s hours can be a bit strange and seem to change now and again. Call first!

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Overseeing the consumption of chai.


More on Krishna Consciouness and the krishnacore music scene, etc. to come!

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