“Hipster Church” in Flushing |:| The Emerging Church Has Read Derrida

So-called hipster Christianity as a thing in and of itself is a fairly new phenomenon. However, read as a rhizomatic strand of the larger “Emerging Christianity” movement—a decentered spiritual fun-house of post-everything—it’s been around in some form or another since the early 00s. Most recently in the literary world, there’s […]

Buddha Gets a Barber Shop & More!

A Journey Through NYC Religions is a website that covers religion throughout the five boroughs. Perhaps a bit “cleaner” than we ruffians here at Not New York, the site seemingly has no trouble slipping into cracks and alleyways in order to get the haps on religious life in our always […]

In Search of Kali Ma (part 1)

Finding places where people gather to worship Kali–the aspect of God that, among other things, severs your head–is not necessarily an easy task. While there’s nothing particularly secretive about Kali worship, diaspora communities who take Kali as their primary deity–the people you want to meet–aren’t necessarily interested in proselytizing to […]