Check this out: Macabre & Mysticism show!

I’m starting to find it possible to post stuff again. That’s fantastic, right? Some of the posts might be a bit bare bones to start, but let’s just do this! Here’s an art opening that’s got all the makings of dark mystical greatness. The lovely Phantasmaphile linked it: http://www.phantasmaphile.com/2011/10/macabre-mysticism-show.html

New Occult Esoteric Fantastic Web Show

Remember television? That was awesome. Television was that thing that even when it was lame (commercials) it had the potential for being insane (Zoobilee Zoo). Well, television is over. But this new thing called the intranet is going to take off like undies at a poly-friendly post-gender anarchist adult play […]

Manhattanhenge Will Occur Today

Get ready, because today is the first of this year’s dual Manhattanhenge occurrences. Of course, this would be insanely awesome if I could actually get my head around what Manhattanhenge is. From Gothamist: The visually stunning event occurs twice a year, when the sun sets in perfect alignment with Manhattan’s […]