TONIGHT: All About Mesmerism |:| Gowanus Gets Weird in a Good Way

This is just a quick note to alert all y’all about a talk tonight on mesmerism at the Observatory Room located at Proteus Gowanus in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. This event begins at 8pm and will cost you a total of $9.00. It is being put on by the very wonderful Phantasmophile and features author of Occult America, Mitch Horowitz, and conscious channeler, Paul Selig.

I’ve got lots of good stuff to say about this space and this event tonight is in part why I do.

From the website:

There exists a tremendous upsurge today in “channeled” religious messages. Even the current pope has formally questioned – rather than censured – certain forms of it. Among alternative religious seekers, channeling forms a mass culture, which produces some of today’s leading mystical literature. This contemporary trend echoes the spread of Spiritualism, or talking to the dead, which swept America in the mid-nineteenth century.

In this unusual and distinctive program, Mitch Horowitz explores the history of mediumship and channeling – particularly as the phenomena have shaped religious history in America. He considers the lives of figures such as medical clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, and Spiritualist devotee Mary Todd Lincoln, and looks at today’s revolution in channeled teachings. Paul Selig then provides an actual, impromptu experience of channeling. In addition to being a widely produced and award-winning playwright, Paul is a channel medium of more than 15 years with a growing following. The teachings that emanate from Paul’s guides – unseen teachers who speak through him – form one of the most vivid, bracing, and intelligent examples of occult communication in the spiritual culture today.

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