There’s a Giant Head in Madison Square Park |:| Greek Nymph Echo Awaits


This newly completed 44′ tall head is the work of Spanish artist Jaume Plensa and resides in the very-pleasant-on-a-cool-Spring-day Madison Square Park lawn.

The sculpture is said to portray a girl in a dream state and was influenced by an actual 9-year-old girl and the Greek nymph Echo. Echo is famous for residing in the mountains and loving the sound of her own voice. It is also said that she would use her voice to distract Hera while Zeus came down to make sexy time with the other nymphs. A 9-year-old girl is, well, a 9-year-old girl. Not nearly as exciting.

Heads are nothing new to Plensa who’s been putting enormous craniums all over the place for quite some time.

"Crown Fountain." The face changes.

Our giant head is a welcome follow-up to our recently erected silver Andy Warhol in Union Square, and seeing as Andy Warhol is known primarily for his head, I’d say both this and the Andy Warhol statue have quite a bit in common.

I’d also like to point out that Greece has been having a revival of Ancient Greek-aligned paganism as of late, and that perhaps if there are any affiliates in our humble little town, they might make more of the enormous head, than say, the average suit. I don’t know, maybe leave a few offerings. Just wonderin’.

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  1. Just saw the head, has to be one of the most moving pieces of art I have ever seen. I was so moved, I wanted to cry.

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