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In Boulder, CO Until Tuesday |:| Niwot Curse in Full Effect |:| Who the Hell is Braco?

The Niwot Curse, laid down by Chief Niwot of the Southern Arapahoe people, states that “People seeing the beauty of [Boulder valley] will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty.” Now, people who know me understand that I have been truly cursed, as I […]

Kali Gets a Credit Card

Kali is many things. She is Mahakali Jagadhatri, “The Creator of the World.” She is Devi Khadgahasta,  “She that Carries a Clever.” She is Chinnajata Jatajutavilasini Sarvarajayutabhima Sarvarajoparisthata Shmashanstha, “She That Dwells in the Cremation Ground.” She is also, apparently, Devi Credit Card-ji, “She That Can Make Purchases With Plastic […]