In Boulder, CO Until Tuesday |:| Niwot Curse in Full Effect |:| Who the Hell is Braco?


The Niwot Curse, laid down by Chief Niwot of the Southern Arapahoe people, states that

“People seeing the beauty of [Boulder valley] will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty.”

Now, people who know me understand that I have been truly cursed, as I often lay in bed thinking back to my time spent in this city wondering if my life will eventually return to these irresistibly mesmerizing foothills. Lucky for me, this weekend a wedding has required my presense in Boulder Town for the next four nights and five days.

So, here I am, once again proving the Niwot Curse correct, which I must admit gives me both pleasure–as I’m pleased to be a part of the confirmation of any Native prophecy–, as well as pain, since seeing as I am perceived by the State to be a “white male,” I have been cursed doubly, having to bare the racist genocidal legacy of Euro-conquerors, as well as Chief Niwot’s ominous proclamation, which states that after having touched Boulder ground (as I did for four years back in the mid-aughts) I will be forced to return and subsequently destroy a tiny piece of my favorite land’s beauty every time I do.

Although, I can’t help but think that I’m doing less harm than, say, Braco (“the gazer”)…
…whose simple stare is said to heal anyone who has the curious pleasure of being caught between his ocular crossfire. Of course, within minutes of arriving I caught a flier for his upcoming gaze-off, but staring into his expression couldn’t help but think to myself that most simple yet critically condescending of words:


Then I thought about how long his hair was, and I have been blessed with gorgeous baldness.

Then I wondered if New York City (and regular blogging) had made me a snarky jerk.

At which point I thought about the invitation to the outdoor wedding I’m to attend that asked guests not to wear any perfume so as not make anyone “sick.”

Then I sighed.

But then I met a gentleman–also in town for a wedding, but one that made allowance for the scented décolletage–who happened to have an interest in spirituality and architecture, and specifically how the two inform one another, and we talked about it for some time.

And I was pleased.

PS–I’m just playing, Braco.

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