Month: April 2011

There’s a Giant Head in Madison Square Park |:| Greek Nymph Echo Awaits

This newly completed 44′ tall head is the work of Spanish artist Jaume Plensa and resides in the very-pleasant-on-a-cool-Spring-day Madison Square Park lawn. The sculpture is said to portray a girl in a dream state and was influenced by an actual 9-year-old girl and the Greek nymph Echo. Echo is […]

Will Vodou Become the Next Fad?

“[Recuperation] also happens irrespective of the startling content of the style: punk clothing and insignia could be bought mail-order by the summer of 1977, and in September of that year, Cosmopolitan ran a review of Zandra Rhodes‘ latest collection of couture follies which consisted entirely of variations on the punk […]