NYers Eat Their Placenta |:| Religions of Harlem |:| Two unrelated finds for the weekend

Been traveling a bit this weekend, and haven’t had a chance to write anything amazing and wonderful, so I thought I’d post a few things I came across while doing the web.

Brooklyn-centric bloggers, Brooklyn Based, have a got a nice piece on local “placentophagy,” or the practice of eating ye olde placenta, which takes the idea of “locavore” to an all new height. Don’t worry, for the squeamish there’s always the option of drying, grinding, encapsulating, and swallowing the placenta in pill form, something both moms and dads I know have done.

My thoughts on this? Yeah. It makes sense. Plus, I’m into anything a goat might do.



Stumbled upon a relatively new blog called Religions of Harlem, which has got some good stuff on local botanicas and all the rest that is spiritual and religious in Mecca.

From the site:

With the help of Columbia University students, and under the guidance of Professors Obery Hendricks and Josef Sorett, Religions of Harlem uses written research, photos, and video to provide a unique view of the wide range of religious expressions, leaders, and communities that have been and continue to be central to the cultural worlds of Harlem.

Ah…to be in school again. These students have got it made. From a religious/mystic/political studies perspective Harlem is fan-f-ing-tastic! The Nation of Gods and Earths (The 5%ers), The Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton, Black Israelites, Black Muslims, the Allah School, the Malcom X Mosque (AKA Masjid Malcolm Shabazz. AKA Malcolm Shabazz Mosque, AKA Mosque No. 7). My God, there’s just too much. So far, the students have really got the botanica angle on lock down. As it were, I’ll be posting my botanica findings in East Brooklyn shortly. So, take that, PhD candidates.

Until then, enjoy the rain. I’m on a bus and I need to pee.

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