(New) Nolita Psychic Looks All Sorts o’ Snazzy

These signs slowly change colors

Haven’t been able to to get much info on this new-looking purveyor of the psychic arts located at 280 Mulberry St., but from what I can tell it’s taking the high road as far as decor is concerned.

This new establishment, let’s call it “Psychic Visions” from the sign on the left, used to be a trendy vintage clothing store called Sweet Tater,…

No tater-tots in here

…a name that makes me hungry for tater-tots, but then confuses me ’cause apparently these tots are sweet, but then I get uncomfortable ’cause the shop sells vintage clothes, which usually smell “off,” and so now I’m not hungry at all and just want to get an acai smoothie with peanut-butter from Lite Delights just around the corner.

There are few things of note regarding the set-up of “Psychic Visions”:

  1. The place looks to be rather snazzy: minimal to no clutter, roominess, nice rug. Should fit in comfortably to the surrounding Nolita environs.
  2. If you can make it out, there are two Elizabethan-looking chairs in the center of the room, where I’m guessing the readings take place. Nice, right? I always find it curious when psychic readings are set up right in the front window. I suppose that’s to draw more clients? Is it kind of similar to the whole karate school thing where if you take classes, you’re basically on display to the whole world? (The number one reason I never took karate as a kid, by the way).
  3. It’s hard to see, but there’s a can of Coke on the table in between the two chairs, proving that every place that offers psychic readings needs to have some aspect of normalcy floating around. (Ever notice how many psychics are often smoking?) Compared to how managers of yoga studios around the city handle their space, psychics just do what they do when they do it. Crystals, lucky Buddhas, and cigarettes.

Here’s the sign located just inside the window…

Prices seem average for this ‘hood, although I have no idea what a “Yoga Meditation” is and why it costs 255 clams! Must be good? Also, you can get a past life regression for $270. Not sure what the going rate for those are, though I have a feeling if you went to see a hypnotherapist it wouldn’t be as much. Well, I suppose this is what you get when you order a la carte.


On a side note: If you’re interested in past life regression, check out Many Lives, Many Masters. That’s the book that gets most people inspired to go down that path. Easy read, and easily gets you excited about it all.

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