Boulder, Christ-Love, and Channeled Texts

Today is my second-to-last full day in Boulder, CO, and the Niwot curse is beginning to wear off. I’ve pretty much done all the stuff I wanted to, today sealing my trip with a jaunt up to arguably my favorite place on earth, the small town of Nederland, home of the frozen man, non-parking-metered streets, and a generously long and luxurious winter.

So far, much of my time has been spent at my old Boulder haunt, the Trident cafe, owned by the totally ageless Mike, where I used to spend upwards of six hours a day waxing–literally–poetic with my fellow Naropa writing dept. grad students hoping to make the ghost of situationist Guy Debord slightly more comfortable in his potentially tortured afterlife.

It was here that I picked up a copy of The Way to the Kingdom, a once anonymous publication (now known to be written by Joseph Benner) that lays out a fairly detailed path for those seeking to illuminate one’s personal Christ-Love. Very Nisargadatta-esque couched in a thoroughly turn-of-the-century pre-“How to Make Money” New Thought consciousness. What a find!

I hadn’t heard of this book or Benner’s other publications, but have been devouring Kingdom’s pages with a Desert Father’s voracity, taking great joy in the similarities between Kingdom’s idea of self-as-personality and my ideas of self-as-personality. Oh, the pleasure in being confirmed.

From the noble text:

“On our journey to the Kingdom you will learn that you cannot go far with your eyes and mind fixed on the personalities of your fellow travelers. For always will you see in them things that will hold you back…. On this journey Love leads, and if the the human mind and it’s thoughts are permitted to be distracted by appearances, and are not centered upon seeing the Light within your companions–their Christ-Selves–you will be thus shown every thing within yourself that prevents the unfolding of the inner sight and hearing, and you will stay out in the shadows, wondering why you cannot progress as your soul wants to.”
The Way to the Kingdom, p. 40

Mystic bard, Daniel Higgs, whose music and art oozes the Cosmic Christ of Etheric Skull Mountain manifest!


Perhaps he has read this text?

Because this book is so very boss, I will be making my way to Lighthouse Bookstore (AKA that metaphysical bookstore on Pearl St.) to pick up a copy of whatever else they can offer me. Apparently, what they can is shelved among books by Kryon, Ramtha, and a fair amount of other “channeled” texts.


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