Wanna Ouija on TV? |:| NYC Area Casting Call

This call for participants was posted over at the very lovely Phantasmaphile who received it in an email and thought it interesting enough to put up. Obviously, this fits right in with my little humble blog:

SUBJECT: TV company looking for participants interested in a doing a Ouija-board session:

  • Have you recently lost someone close to you that has passed away?
  • Was there something that you needed to say or hear from that person?
  • Do you have an important emotional question that you would like to ask the invisible world?
  • Do you feel that conducting a Ouija-board session might be able to give you some answers?

We are looking for participants that would like to have a monitored Ouija-board session with accomplished paranormal author and spirit-board expert Mitch Horowitz who are willing to share their authentic personal experiences on camera.

We are interested in folks who may have never worked with a spirit-board, but are willing to try this mystical procedure in the hopes of achieving answers from the beyond. We welcome couples, friends, and/or families interested in participating.

We are NOT seeking people who want to be reality-TV stars, or those interested in publicity or fifteen minutes of fame. We are ONLY looking for those with legitimate needs.

The TV program is a new documentary series searching for true first-person human experiences in various arenas of metaphysics, spirituality, and the paranormal.

The filming will be done on the east coast – in the vicinity of NYC. Filming currently anticipated to be done the week of July 5th, 2011.

Please email a photo or short video of yourself and your co-participant, as well as a brief description of the question you hope to answer, and/or the deceased person you have lost, and why you are seeking emotional closure to uneXplained@AR7Films.com

If selected, participants are required to sign appearance releases, including guardianship releases for any minors. Participants will not receive any monetary compensation. Participants may be entitled to receive pre-approved expense reimbursement for direct out-of-pocket travel expenses incurred.

In line with what Phantasmaphile said, I have nothing to do with this, other than mildly wishing I could be a part of it.

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