Modern Day Mummifiation |:| First Midnight Archive Video Up

Well, it actually happened, and right on schedule too! The first installment of destined-to-be-cult-classic web series, The Midnight Archive, is up for your viewing pleasure.

The creation of Ronni Thomas, a former editor at Troma (think: Toxic Avenger, et al.) whose left-of-center works can be found here, TMA’s first episode features PD Cagliastro [also here, here, and here] a modern day pet mummifier whose DIY mummification classes at Observatory in Brooklyn just keep getting sold out.

Despite not believing in any “otherworldiness” of death or life thereafter, Cagliastro is serious about her craft, treats every “client” with the utmost respect, and is more than happy to inscribe some parting mystic symbols on your cat mummy.

You can watch the entire 6-minute episode over at The Midnight Archive.

This is great stuff and I want much much more of it.

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