Union Square “Sit On My Face” Guy (Now) “Smell Yr Farts” Guy Has a Vid About Him

From gothamist.com

Many times when I have told people that I write about spirituality in New York City these very kind and thoughtful listeners get excited to put me in touch with their “anthropologist friend,” or “history professor friend,” or “religious studies friend.” Of course, this is always welcome, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little uncomfortable and immediately giggle and fumbly reply with gobs of, “Er, um, oh, hmm, uh, ah, er, hmmm,” etc., which is always my way of warning them about posts like this.

I mean, fart sniffer in Union Square as spiritual margins of NYC?

At least I think so.

Click over to Animal NY for the video. Good talk on freedom and all that…

PS- The interviewer is more or less a total douche.

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