Three Things You Should Know for This Weekend |:| Kali, Superheroes, and B-Days

Kali Ma Has a New Home in Queens

Heidi Klum

There’s rumors of a new Kali temple having popped up behind the long-standing Ganesh temple out in Flushing, Queens. The new home to She with Disheveled Hair does not have a website and is said to be run by a man who helps out over at the Ganesh side of things. Will need to make a little trip out there ASAP as my other local forays into Kali’s world are still unfinished.

Actual, Not Fake, Real Life Superheroes

The New York Initiative (Superheroes)

Apparently—and this is very much news to me—there are groups of people, complete with armor and protective agendas, roaming around NY and NJ keeping people safe from baddies. Two groups known separately as the Real Life Superheroes (RLSHs) and the New York Initiative (NYI) can be (not) found baiting bad types into showing themselves so that they can scare them off. Drug dealers, muggers, you name it are all on the list for being confronted. With hints of meditation and “metaphysical powers” claimed by some, word of this group of activists is, for me, very welcome. NY Press has got a pretty in-depth piece on them here, and Gothamist has got their own take here.

It’s my birthday on Monday.

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