Interview with NYC Director of AMERICAN MYSTIC, Alex Mar

Not Alex Mar

The Wild Hunt has got a nice pagan-inquisitive interview with NYC’s very own Alex Mar whose documentary American Mystic screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this passed April.

From the synopsis:

Set against a vivid backdrop of bucolic rural landscapes, American Mystic weaves together the stories of three young Americans exploring alternative religion. Chuck is a Native American sundancer and new father striving to balance his religious practice and family responsibilities in the South Dakota badlands; Morpheus is a pagan priestess who finds spirituality in the earthy terrain of California mining country; and Kublai explores Spiritualism in upstate New York, a modern incarnation of the area’s storied history of religious revivalism.

I, of course, missed ALL FOUR!!! American Mystic screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival for reasons I can’t remember, but am assuming were valid enough at the time. This has caused me great suffering.

The trailer:

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