“Arizona Killer is Occultist” and Other Wishful Thoughts by Faux News Reporters

Obviously the work of a killer

Always a beacon of solid (like a turd) reporting (like a pooh), our very own NY Daily News is trying to paint Arizona killer, Jared Lee Loughner, as an occultist offering the above picture, along with unsourced “expert” opinions, to back up their claim, stating that the “shrine” is both “frightening” (according to whom?) and “twisted” (really?). Day of the Dead, anyone? Hinduism? Tibetan Buddhism?

This ray of insight manifests out of a fog of confusion surrounding the murderer’s motives where it’s anyone’s (read: everyone’s) guess who Mr. Loughner aligns himself with. Leftists? Right wingers? Furry enthusiasts? No one knows! What people do know, is that Jared is 100% “other” and not anything like us.

Occult/pagan rebuttals can be found over at Pantheon and The Wild Hunt.

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