Mrs. Taylor Has Got Yr Back (Spells. Money. Nature Problems?)

I don't want to give up...

I’ve picked up Mrs. Taylor’s fliers on a number of occasions, but always lost them before I got a chance to call her and schedule an appointment. Now, thanks to one Ms. Daisy Jane Danger, I’ve got a crisp new flier stuck in the files.

Of course, when I do call and set up an appointment, I’m going to have to figure out what it is I actually want, since I don’t really want anything. I don’t even want money, and would feel weird asking for money even if I did want it. I also don’t have a strange illness, so I’m not quite sure what Mrs. Taylor could give me for that. I especially don’t want any lost loves to come back, and I have no idea what Mrs. Taylor is referring to when she mentions “nature problems.”

  • Herpes?
  • Loose stool?
  • Mud slides?
  • Mysterious sink holes?

I am, however, interested in seeing how Mrs. Taylor works. Is that a good enough reason to call her up? Spiritualism usually involves working with the dead, and I wonder if she might get into some hoodoo root work as well. Also, it looks like there are some tarot cards up in the top right of the flier, but this only proves once again that when the healing needs happening, sometimes you gotta pull from as many resources as possible.

As with a lot of Spiritualism, however, it seems I need to be “at my wits end” for the healing to work. For better or worse, I’m not at my wit’s end, but maybe I can wrangle up something that needs looking into. After all, as Mrs. Taylor says, “[The] doctor is God,” and that’s cool by me.

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