Sunday Should be the First Day of the Week, or Else We’re DEAD!

The use of the phrase "God's finger" makes me feel weird.

Since it’s snowing, I thought I’d bust out some subway literature I picked up a while back.

Revelations is an interesting (read: totally and wonderfully insane mystical rant), and has got to be one of the most detailed and vividly recalled ayahuasca journeys ever. We’re talking crazy lamps, giants, God, prostitutes, beasts, cryptic language written on people’s foreheads…. It’s all there! And yet, as a house-pastor friend of mine remarked one day about someone he met at McDonalds, “I get a little nervous whenever someone says he’s been reading a lot of Revelations.” Word.

As is the case with many a doomsday handout, this thin little booklet is chock full of Revelations-inspired buzz-kills and takes a hard stance against Catholicism, Protestantism, definitely the Pope, and (an interesting little twist!) the fact that Sunday is no longer the first day of the week. The booklet is almost entirely negative in tone, and, perhaps much to my pastor friend’s dismay, has all the markings of being penned by someone obsessively reading The Good Book’s apocalyptic final chapter. The booklet also gets into a little numerology to support its claims, which, not to make light of the matter, is always a treat for me.

Numbers are fun!

Now, I’m sure there are many people who would simply write all this numerology and prophecy stuff off as hogwash, perhaps assuming I’d agree. Truth is, I can get down with numerology. I can get down with Revelations. I can get down with Prophecy. I can get down with hating on da Popa. I just can’t get down with using all that to defend nation states, rule-by-law, and fear.

I’m also kind of into this idea of making Sunday the first day of the week. Sunday is ruled by the Sun, and seems an awful strange day to take a nap…. More on that to come!

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  1. Defs. I can’t get a read on it yet. In the chart above sometimes the letter “I” equals 10 and sometimes it equals 1. But really, the letter “I” (in English at least) is the 9th letter. Even in Greek “iota” (our “I”) is the ninth letter. Balderdash.

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