Obviously, this is the work of cultish brown people?

One of our local neighborhoody blogs, The Ditmas Park Blog, re-posted a photo story by Brooklyn Photos which documents some beheaded chickens(?)/pigeons(?) in our lovely little Prospect Park. Of course, the immediate response was one of finger-pointing at the Latin American/West African Santeria community, because apparently white kids never do anything like that. It also seems that our expert armchair investigation team didn’t notice that the trail leading up to the nearly departed looks like a bunch of flapping wings and that that would mean the chickens were beheaded right there in the snow, which as we all know, is the ideal spot for any Santeria ritual. WTF?!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we are hearing about A. beheaded animals in Prospect Park, and B. accusations of Santeria, as the very wonderful Wild Hunt blog has repeatedly reported on.

Let’s hope both disturbing trends take a dip in this new year.

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