Just Enough Kirtan to Cure What Ails Ya // Saturday March 26

Acyuta Gopi doing her thing the way it need be done

This Saturday the Broome Street Temple will host a six-hour kirtan from 4–10pm. Featured kirtan walas include (but I’m guessing not limited to) such chantanistas as Gaura Vani, Acyuta Gopi, and Ananta Govinda. Check out this Third Wave of Krishna Consciousness and find yrself lifted (or grounded depending on how you look at these things).

Questions to consider: Will there be food? I don’t know. Will this unknown food be catered by none other than the Bhakti Café? Again, not sure. If the Bhakti Café were to cater such an event would they bring their highly addictive mater paneer? I’d hope so. Would I cut in line just to get the last little bits even though others hadn’t had any and I already had three servings? It’s possible. Will I even be there? Hard to say. Allahu a’lam. (Allah knows best).

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