3/20 Vernal Equinox Egg Balance // Grand Army Plaza

This year, NYC’s very own self-described “Urban Shaman,” Mama Donna Henes, will be holding her yearly vernal equinox egg balance celebration/ritual/happening at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza.

For thousands of years, households have been divided over the veritability of standing an egg on end, which is (wrongly as I understand it) believed to be only possible on the spring equinox. Regardless of where you fall on this raging debate, standing an egg on end on the vernal equinox just seems like the right thing to do.

This year’s “Eggs on End” celebration marks the 35th anniversary of Mama Donna Henes’ egg balancing event, and will start around 7pm (7:21pm being the actual time of the VE). Participants are asked to “meet at the water fountain” and bring drums or any other musical instruments you are so inclined to bang on or blow into or strum. You need not bring your own egg as three hundred sixty eggs will be provided. All those that don’t break will be donated to the Brooklyn Charity known as CHIPS.

I’ll be there. Eggs.

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