Peter Lamborn Wilson, Carolee Schneemann, Pir Zia Inayat Khan |:| Festival in Upstate NY

This amazing event is happening in New Lebanon, NY this coming week and there are still a few spots left for people to sign up and come. Plus, I’ll be there, so….

Here’s the deal:

Over the days of August 24-28, 2011, a unique kind of arts festival will take place in New Lebanon, New York. The Vanishing Art Festival, sponsored by Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, will gather a community of visual and performance artists, as well as poets, philosophers, and thinkers of all kinds, to consider what life could look like if we return to the deepest, most spiritual dimensions of art as practice and experience.

Throughout the festival there will be performances, artist interviews and talks, meditations on art, social and music lounges, large group conversations and small group discussion salons. Each day will include a large-scale work of “vanishing art” – artworks that literally vanish after being created – one for each of the four alchemical elements: earth, air, fire and water, involving all participants in a significant symbolic and artistic act.

Draft Schedule Now Available

Unlike other festivals, The Vanishing Art Festival is intentionally being kept small, no more than 100 people in total, to allow deep connections between participants, between participants and art, and then ultimately between all that exists and the natural world.

Many celebrated artists will attend including Carolee Schneemann, the famous multidisciplinary artist who focuses on art as it relates to the body, sexuality and gender; Phong Bui, an installation artist and the influential editor of the Brooklyn Rail; Robert Kelly, the poet and professor at Bard College who has published over 50 books; Syrian-born Bisan Toron, a vocal improviser; Dorothea Rockburne, an abstract painter inspired by mathematics and astronomy; and Wendy Tremayne, an activist and performance artist who offers remedies for materialism, with her interactive workshop Swap-O-Rama-Rama, functioning in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Other participants include David Levi Strauss, Raymond Foye, Charles Stein, Robin Becker, Yuval Ron, Charlotte Mandell, George Quasha, Susan Quasha and Pir Zia Inayat-Khan. Christopher Bamford, editor of Steiner Books, and Peter Lamborn Wilson, a writer and artist from the Hudson River Valley, will host.

Bios for all artists can be found at:

The Vanishing Art Festival will be held at the mystical and magical Abode of the Message, a retreat center and community located on the outskirts of the Berkshire Mountains, in Columbia County, NY.

The festival is only $310 for all four days, including meals, for those under age 35 who opt to tent, up to $606 for those over age 35 requesting a single room. Day passes are also available for $35-$99 a day.

Additional details can be found on our website,, or please call us anytime at 519-794-8777. Vanishing Art can also be found on Facebook.

For regular updates join our Twitter feed @vanishingart.

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