Me and Amma |:| Amma is On Her Way to NYC |:| Hide Yr Skeletons |:| Get Yr Hug On

Break out the brew. Fire up the grill. ‘Cause guess who’s gonna be on the ones and twos this Fourth of July weekend? You got it: Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Or, to those who love her, Ammachi. Or, to those who really love her, “Mother.” Known colloquially as the “hugging guru,” […]

In Search of Kali Ma (part 1)

Finding places where people gather to worship Kali–the aspect of God that, among other things, severs your head–is not necessarily an easy task. While there’s nothing particularly secretive about Kali worship, diaspora communities who take Kali as their primary deity–the people you want to meet–aren’t necessarily interested in proselytizing to […]