UPDATE: Peter L. Wilson Has Bounced |:| True Vanishing Art


UPDATE: Wilson has been removed from the Vanishing Art event bio list mid-festival.
Big salaams and thanks to Mustafa Al-Layla for the tip. It appears Wilson’s name has been removed form the official bios of the festival, suggesting once again that sickness is not the cause of his departure.

-end update-


So it’s official. Peter Lamborn Wilson has left the event after one-and-a-half days with three days left to go. The story going around right now is that he “wasn’t feeling well,” but that seems to not really be the reason, as one presenter started to say “I’m sure you’ll find out” before catching his/herself.

Im guessing this means that with the exception of the artist himself disappearing, there will be no more Vanishing Art works to occur, three of which having yet to happen. And if that’s the case, what’s to become of this super heavy piece of marble with elaborate Arabic calligraphy etched into it, which was set to be submerged in a pond?

[A photo of the slab of marble should be visible here, but it too refuses to appear for some reason. Yet another unexpected piece of vanishing art. This event has definitely become an exercise in ostranenie].

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