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(New) Nolita Psychic Looks All Sorts o’ Snazzy

Haven’t been able to to get much info on this new-looking purveyor of the psychic arts located at 280 Mulberry St., but from what I can tell it’s taking the high road as far as decor is concerned. This new establishment, let’s call it “Psychic Visions” from the sign on […]

Life of a Vodou Drummer in Brooklyn

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Above is a short clip from the documentary “The Other Side of the Water: the Journey of a Haitian Rara Band in Brooklyn.” The official synop goes as follows: The Other Side of the Water follows a group of young immigrants who take an ancient music […]

NYC Yoga Peeps Get Post-Apocalyptic

Ben Dickinson’s film “First Winter” is currently being shot on location at Heartland, a blooming yoga community in upstate NY. The official synop: In December 2012, a massive collapse of infrastructure leaves a group of Brooklyn yogis snowed-in at a country farmhouse without electricity, cell phone reception, or running water. […]

Sadhus at the Rubin Museum

This exhibition is going to be up for a while (January 28, 2011–July 4, 2011), and worth checking out. For youngsters into the yoga, into the spiritual stuffs, into the video games, looking at pictures of sadhus is like crack to a baby (AKA goji berries to a Lululemon model): […]