NYC Yoga Peeps Get Post-Apocalyptic

Ben Dickinson’s film “First Winter” is currently being shot on location at Heartland, a blooming yoga community in upstate NY.

The official synop:

In December 2012, a massive collapse of infrastructure leaves a group of Brooklyn yogis snowed-in at a country farmhouse without electricity, cell phone reception, or running water. With nothing to rely on but their wits, a couple of old books, and each other, they must survive the first winter off the grid.

There’s a number of interesting things one could say about the premise, it being post-apocalyptic and thus exciting to me, however, I’d like to mention one socio-political thingy:

Over three billion people in the world live on less than $2.50 a day, which means that for almost half of the entire planet the scenario presented in the film is already playing out. That is to say, the “massive collapse of infrastructure” is already well underway for pretty much one out of every other person you (will most likely never be given the chance to) meet. That goes for yogis in India.

That being the case, I’m still way looking forward to seeing how this film pulls it all off. It’s not an easy task to do anything “artistic” with yoga and not have that devilment touch of pretension. [Yoga-inspired modern dance comes to mind.] Unless of course, we’re talking about the film Yoga Inc., which was pretty decent and offered a much-needed reality check to the yoga world. That said, Bike Snob has already torn into “First Winter” a little, taking what it perceives to be the potentially infuriating hipsterishness of it all to its logical ends. But, I’m going to give the project a little room to breathe, since, who knows, it could be an absolutely perfect addition to the post-apoc canon. (Check out “Ever Since the World Ended” for a good example).

Director Ben Dickinson has got some pretty photos on his site documenting what we’re all missing sitting around not making films.

And, to find out why your friend can’t afford to pay you back for that grilled cheese you bought him after Rubulad, check out the film’s kickstarter page, which earned much much more than it was ever asking. Nice job!

I wish Ben, the crew, and cast all the best. Invite me to the screening.

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