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NYers Eat Their Placenta |:| Religions of Harlem |:| Two unrelated finds for the weekend

Been traveling a bit this weekend, and haven’t had a chance to write anything amazing and wonderful, so I thought I’d post a few things I came across while doing the web. Brooklyn-centric bloggers, Brooklyn Based, have a got a nice piece on local “placentophagy,” or the practice of eating […]

Will Vodou Become the Next Fad?

“[Recuperation] also happens irrespective of the startling content of the style: punk clothing and insignia could be bought mail-order by the summer of 1977, and in September of that year, Cosmopolitan ran a review of Zandra Rhodes‘ latest collection of couture follies which consisted entirely of variations on the punk […]

Guess I’m Batty Too

If you’ve read Alan Moore‘s Promethea than you already know that we all participate in, share, and manifest this thing we might call the Big It, each one of us in her/his own time and unique way. Yesterday I had a passing taste of that, one of those “The Universe […]