Goat Head Found In Brooklyn Park /// OG Mysticism Alive and Well?

By David Rabig via Gothamist.com

By David Rabig via Gothamist.com

Way back in 2004 a black metal band known as Gorgoroth played a show in Krakow, Poland. As Wikipedia tells it:

“[T]he band displayed sheep heads on stakes, a bloodbath of 80 litres of sheep’s blood, Satanic symbols, and four naked crucified models on stage.”

It looked a bit like this:



“A police investigation took place with allegations of religious offense (which is prosecutable under Polish law) and cruelty to animals.[27] Though these charges were considered, the band was not charged as it was ruled that they were unaware of the fact that what they were doing was illegal, although the concert organiser was eventually fined 10000 in 2007 as he knew about it and neither informed the band that it was against the law nor intervened.”

Now, isn’t it curious that just over ten years later Gothamist is reporting that a goat head, similar to the sheep heads featured on stage in Poland—a mere 4,300 miles away—shows up in majestic Prospect Park???

Eh, it’s probably nothing. But, at least now you can say you know a bit more about Gorgoroth.

Truth be told, the goat head probably has nothing to do with a lot of things, including Santeria, which continues to be everyones go-to when it comes to mysterious animal parts left in public spaces. Searching the terms “Santeria” and “goat” is very telling, as news articles abound attempting to relate the two, while rarely is an actual solid link found. Conjecture, I say!

By David Rabig via Gothamist.com

By David Rabig via Gothamist.com

Which is not to say that Santeria does not involve animal sacrifice. It absolutely does! But, leaving bags of discarded remains in random spots other than place such as crossroads is not necessarily common. Remember, Santeria isn’t just taped together with a bunch of random psychos doing whatever they want. There’s an actual system at work. A system with rules and guidelines!

Anyway, there’s a goat head in one of our parks. This is strange mostly because goat heads are pretty heavy to carry.

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  1. First of all, I think OG mysticism is my new favorite term.

    I always love imagining bands like Gorgoroth….before the make up and gauntlets come out, before the sick lightening infused black and white logo gets finalized, and before their hair is long enough to whip around on its own weight alone….. just a couple of dudes sitting in a circle together. All of them being moved by the power of music and harmony. The sweet beyond words feeling it gives their souls when they write the perfect chorus and it tugs gently on their heart strings. The smiles, the camaraderie and appreciation they feel for each other as the embark on this journey together through one of life’s most ancient and sacred arts. The warmth they feel when they are doing what they do best, helping themselves and those who listen to evoke simple pleasure and appreciation. The cathartic overload they sometimes get when the music is speaking to them directly, and how the idea of starting a band was probably consciously or subconsciously set off by a Beatles album they heard when they were 6. No goat heads yet. Just John, Paul, George, and Ringo wanting to hold their hand.

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