Mysterious (Though Probs Shouldn’t Have Been Touched) “Thing” Found in Old Trinity Cemetery

Scouting NY is a fantastic site that we should all be thankful for, as it covers hidden and not-so-hidden locations in and around the NYC area. And recently, Sir Scout found himself wandering around the Old Trinity Cemetery up in Washington Heights and came across this piece of string tied to a drainage grate:

Now, I’ll let you click here to find out what was attached to said string, but please know these things:

  1. I’m not into promoting the rooting around of graveyards unless of course you find something really cool like a string attached to a drainage grate.
  2. If I’m posting about this, you can assume that what’s on the end of the string is intriguing in a “margins of spiritual NYC” way.
  3. Scout makes some assumptions about supposed Santeria paraphernalia left behind on graves that I think are misleading.
  4. I kinda wish I had Scout’s job.


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