Brooklynites Still Bugged Over “Racist” Broadway Triangle Project // Are Hasids Just Keeping It in the Family?


From Failed Messaih:

“More than 40 community activist groups say hasidic developers are reserving apartments [in the “Brooklyn Triangle”] for fellow hasidim and excluding non-Jews, especially Latinos and Blacks…. The apartments being built at the Broadway Triangle are three-and-four bedrooms and are designed to serve large hasidic families. That immediately excludes most non-hasidim.”

We’ve all been there. You find yourself living amongst your like-minded peers. You go to brunch on Sunday (sometimes Saturday and Sunday). You chat on the corner with friends. You wear what you want. It’s sunny every…day…of…the…year. People like you. But, throughout it all, there’s this nagging feeling that life might be better, more rosier, more prosperous, if you buried your goy-self deep into the heart of Satmar Hasidic Brooklyn.

Well, guess what? Your dreams may be coming true.


According to Failed Messaih:

“Housing activists in Brooklyn are [ed. once again] demanding New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stop the construction of a ‘racist’ apartment complex under construction on the Broadway Triangle.” (FM)

Bordering Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, one would think the Broadway Triangle, which looks like this…


…or this…


…depending on the position of the sun, would be spilling over with artisanal beards and farm-to-table strollers, thus making it impossible for anyone to already live there. But, guess what? That ain’t the case, and a project that’s been popping up since at least 2009 is back in the news. 

The basic theory? Religious Jews want to build a housing complex on public land catering explicitly to religious Jews. Local Jews say no. Local African-Americans and Hispanics say yes.

I guess we’ll just have to see if those elevators keep running Friday at sundown.

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