Kid’s Got a Cybernetic Antenna Drilled into His Skull /// Makes Art, Obviously


When I was a kid I was terrible at making change. Playing Monopoly was dope right up until I had to collect rent on a baller block of condos, at which point my brain shut off. Fast-forward to 2015 and it’s things like “cyborg art” that recreate that complete Monopo-mental shut-down in the ol’ mindgrapes.

Things like this (according to GOOD):

“Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson was diagnosed at 11 with a rare form of color blindness called achromatopsia: he could only see in shades of gray. Now, he’s the first person in the world to have a cybernetic antenna drilled into his skull that gives him trippy privileges—sound and visuals are interchangeable. He can see electronic music in rainbow hues (without drugs) and can hear paintings by Andy Warhol. Talk about a stimulating advantage.”

Which, obviously leads to….

I’ll be walking around the Armory show and listening to people talk about art,” said Harbisson, who co-founded the Cyborg Foundation with his partner Moon Ribas, trumpeting “cyborgism” as an art movement. “When I hear people say an interesting sentence, I’ll transpose it to color and send the colors of the sentence to the (UN)Scene.”

Like I said…. I like this from afar. I’m just not smart enough for things beyond paint. But, I will say that anything called an “eyeborg” is worth smiling over. Wiki…

“An eyeborg or eye-borg is a body modification apparatus which typically fits on the wearer’s head, and is designed to allow people to perceive color through sound waves. It works with a head-mounted antenna that senses the colors directly in front of a person, and converts them in real-time into sound waves through bone conduction.[1]Which is to say the device is osseointegrated.”

Now, here’s something for the rest of us lame-o regular boring eye’d people….

PS, This is all part of the Armory Arts Week thing. March 3-8, NYC.

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