WELCOME BACK!!! Here’s What’s New and Happening


Hello, friends and friends of friends!

Welcome back to NOT NEW YORK. If this is your first time here, congratulations! Your Monday through Friday just got one blog more awesome. Please check out the site, click around the menu bar at the top of the page. There are already over a hundred posts to get into.

Before anything else you should first find a way to “Follow” this blog, either by doing so from the homepage sidebar, or by adding the site’s RSS feed (http://www.notnewyork.net/feed/) to your favorite mobile feed reader platform.

And, what pray tell, will you be signing up for???

NOT NEW YORK is a site devoted to exploring and celebrating the religio-mystical fantasticness that exists in New York City and beyond. I like keeping things short and sweet, so on the whole, posts will most likely take you just over a few minutes to read. Once and a while a longer bit might pop up. Sometimes there will be posts about Sufis who never stop eating bread, butter, and jam. Other times there will be posts about Sikhs going banana pancakes on shit. Not to mention the odd post on UFOs caught “buzzing the tower” over the Bronx.

In addition to being an almost-daily blog, NOT NEW YORK is a weekly “mystical events in NYC” newsletter that you can sign up for. You will find a link to do so, again, on the homepage sidebar. This one-day-a-week email will feature a selection of what I find interesting happening in the NYC. The kinds of events I will typically be listing include anything having to do with: witchy stuff, public ceremonies, UNIQUE yoga events, kirtans, public initiations, pujas & homas, soundscape gatherings, “healings,” most things that explore death and the left-hand path, eco-psychedelia, magic(k), psychogeographic wanderings, and music events that make direct nods to anything previously mentioned.

My pans for the future include:

  • interviews
  • podcasts
  • reviews
  • events
  • publications
  • “satsangs”
  • walking tours
  • picnics

Other than that, who knows!

So, as a reward for all of us making it back over here, let’s (re)watch this Dan Deacon piece of wonderfulification:

And, now, we are on the same page.


PS, Many thanks to AGHORI B for helping with motivation and design of the site.

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