My “Start Yr Own Religion” Class in Brooklyn |:| Begins Saturday July 30 |:| Sign up Now if Ya Like

It’s that time of the month again!

Time to sign up for my “Start Yr Own Religion” class at 3rd Ward located in the quaint village of Bushwick deep within the greater hamlet of Brooklyn. It’s fun for the whole family and will allow you to finally organize into one cohesive faith all the intergalactic deities that have been hounding you in your sleep.

Here’s a bit of the ol’ spiel from the website:

“In this class students will each write, design and craft a new spiritual path (as far out or traditional as desired), to be summed up and presented at the end of the course through presentations and pamphlets. Over the four weeks students will create hymns that can be used to exalt their beatitudes, define the tenets of their path so others will know what it’s all about, produce propaganda in order to call the willing to the Light, as well as explore the role of (read: draw/mold/create) deities in their new spiritual path. Using published examples from occult as well as mainstream traditions, we will look for inspiration from a variety of unusual sources. Students will be expected to play with what it means to “be religious,” and should be prepared and willing to engage in a variety of mediums, including text, song and iconography. Some experience with making ‘zines or other DIY publications a plus, but not required.”

Let’s play.

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