NYC’s Gem, Dharma Mittra, to Offer Free Yoga Event

This just in (last week) from

Dharma Yoga for New York City In the spirit of Karma Yoga (selfless service),  Sri Dharma is graciously offering his teachings to New York City on Sunday August 14, 2011.

The event “Dharma Yoga For The City” will be a FREE to the public.

The program will include two rounds of yoga, as well as a talk all led by Sri Dharma himself.

The time is from 10 am – 4pm

The capacity for the event is 3,000 people… feel free to bring your friends and family for this amazing opportunity to study with Sri Dharma Mittra!

Even though Dharma is known for being the incredibly committed to completing insane tasks yogi who in 1984 completed the ubiquitous Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, after having first photographed himself in a total of 1300 asanas, which he then edited and cut and pasted together…

…to me, he’ll always be the guy who only really does one asana, unsupported headstand…


and over…

and over…

and over…

and over…

and over again.

Will you be assisted into this pose during the free event? Why not go and see?

2 replies

  1. Is this where yoga can take you? I’ve never seen this before it actually looks like trick photography, but i,m sure it’s not, particularly in the last photo when you see the shadow of two people and also the London shot, amazing yoga!!.

    • I can easily say that this is definitely not trick photography. And, you are right. It is definitely amazing yoga.

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