Doing Yoga in Times Square is Meant to Calm You Down Somehow

I wasn’t able to catch any of this year’s Solstice Yoga Extravaganza in Times Square, nor was I able to do any in-depth coverage of head-set microphone usage, but I did manage to catch a bit of it on the ol’ computer screen. Here are two curious examples of what I saw:

Please note that at the end of the first video you’ll hear a bit from Tim Hopkins, president of Times Square Alliance, talking about how if you can do yoga in the middle of Big Bad Times Square you can do it anywhere. There is also a bit of the “Calm in Chaos” trope thrown in.

Which is weird, because I would imagine that part of what is so disquieting about Times Square is its overabundance of jumbo-trons. But then you’ll notice, as the second video shows, that doing yoga in Times Square means being lead via jumbo-tron.


2 replies

  1. I was there in ’13. I was in the nosebleed section, about four areas down from center stage. Could not see the jumbotron for the life of me (with my neck problems, to be able to follow along in my 4,000 strong Rodney Yee/Coleen Saidman class, I’d have had to have had neck talents only the likes of which you see in The Exorcist). Just tried to cobble together what the crowd was doing (with modifications). I’m an auditory learner anyway. Ironically, it felt in a weird way, like I was practicing to an audiotape.

    Gettin’ a little too old for this; I was just lucky …. my hours had been temporarily shortened at that time … and I’d known in advance time enough to be in that crowd for the first-ever time.

    Wow … What a blog! Aghori directed me here … fascinating … !

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