Is There a NYC Yoga Reality Show in the Works? |:| Yogalebrities Chasin’ that (spot)Light

Not New York has started hearing from a number of wee lil’ birdies about a yoga-inspired Reality TV Show that’s in the works. Here’s what I kinda don’t totally know for sure but can add to the rumor mill’s soon to be well-kindled fire:

Possibility No. 1
The reality TV show will focus on yoga teachers and students in NYC.

Possibility No. 2
One NYC yoga teacher who has a particular interest in the sound of chuckling lotuses might participate.

Possibility No. 3
There will be a gentleman who plays more the “healing” angle than the asana trip.

Possibility No. 4
A certain NYC yoga “talent” agency with a website riddled with phrases like “product endorsements,” “corporate events,” “expanding yoga industry,” “commercial advertisement,” and “yoga marketplace” may have a potential role in all of this.

Obviously, I’ll be tracking this bad boy.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Would appreciate a chance to be on this show. MY unique soul , Im very into helping the USA become YOGA crazy and We of course are Yoga and healthy living in Wenatchee WA. Hot yoga and Kids Yoga is a specialty of mine….
    Check out our Yogalive in the Golds Gym.
    Thanks Kc

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