OM Plays Music Hall of W’burg Tonight!!! /// Planets Align for Hundreds of Beards /// Decades of Shitty Yoga Music Take Full Prostration

This was my text exchange on Wednesday morning….


OM is the kind of band I would travel hours to go see, and tonight I get to see them in Williamsburg, BK. I am also going to see if bass player/singer, Al Cisneros will allow me to place my rudraksha beads on his amp while he plays. Because, I believe him when he plays.

There are a number of bands that I “believe.” Meaning: there are a number of bands that don’t seem to be lying to me when they play. Lungfish/Daniel Higgs comes to mind….


Also, Fever Ray….


But, then there are groups who I just get the feeling are constantly telling tiny white lies with their performance. It’s almost as if there’s an ulterior motive at work. This old Babarazzi article “Could This Be the Worst Spiritual Song Ever?” comes to mind, which explores this….

Obviously, I can’t prove who’s lying and who’s not. And, in some ways, it’s ridiculous and kinda douchey for me to even bring up.

And, yet. There’s just this nagging feeling that what I sometimes see and hear, especially in “spiritual music” circles, is imbibed with some of the bad kind of black magic….

…which, admittedly, I still enjoy listening to.

But, not as much as the good kind of black magic….

Straight up. ‘Cuz if a sneeze is 1/10th of an orgasm, then an orgasm is defs 1/10th of this….

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.18.20 AM

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