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Trying to comprehend the ways in which people who happen to like the intimate company of others of a similar gender have had to struggle to be accepted alongside people who happen to like the intimate company of those of a less similar gender is mind-imploding. Seriously, it hurts. If there was ever a reason for the State (because that really is the culprit here) to recognize all consenting relations between all people, easing my inability to follow the minute political hoops needed to jump through to get such recognition should be enough.

Let’s take a look at even just the last couple of days to appreciate the steamy roller coaster ride:

From The Brooklyn Paper:

“Greenpoint Reformed Church pastor Ann Kansfield went outside her own denomination to become an ordained minister on Sunday after her church’s heirachy rejected her bid because she is gay.”

Of course, happening at the same time a manager of an LI Starbucks was caught chewing out, and subsequently firing, a worker for expressing her totally natural, totally ok, totally not a big deal, totally wonderful queerness.

This right on schedule as New York State is set to become the sixth state in the union to legalize gay marriage (read: recognize marriages performed within and beyond state borders).

But then there’s this opposition from…wait for it…you guessed it…the clergy, who are very into the idea that marriage, a contract people make to honor their love and commitment to one another, is only for a dude and a lass.

I’m always confused by this: If the God of the Desert is a creative god, one that creates in (H)is own image, why can’t those that love (H)im so much employ a little creative thinking when it comes to (H)is creation?

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  1. By way of example, a marriage in Thailand must be registered with the civil registrar, the Amphur. A religious ceremony alone does not create a valid marriage in Thailand. Thus, although a religious ceremony may be sufficient to register a marriage in certain states in the United States.

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