NEW RELIGIONS: Motowism |:| The Church of Perpetual Potential

Every few months I teach a course called Start Yr Own Religion” at Brooklyn’s ever-expanding creative arts facility 3rd Ward. In addition to getting to know the world’s religions (and cults) through visuals and documentary footage, students are asked to create deities, symbols, core tenets (beliefs), rituals, and propaganda. Always excited and inspired by what the students come up with, I got the OK to upload some of what’s been going on in class. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the new religions that will soon be taking over the world.

All Hail…

Motowism: The Church of Perpetual Potential

Motowism: The Church of Perpetual Potential is a religion sprung from the Detroit “situation,” where architecturally fantastic buildings continue to crumble while the heavy hand of ultra-gentrification looms above. Created by Leila Taylor, the path uses (among other things) repetitive beats soundtracking random acts of drawing (specifically circles) on dilapidated building walls as a form of ritual.

The literature and propaganda was laid out in a pretty lil’ booklet. Here is the cover. Note the floating symbol in the center:

Don’t you want to shave off all your hair and join already?!

Here are the core tenets of the path:

Here’s a little bit about the God of Motowism, AKA “The Living Stone”:

And here is a call to action and a ritual involving powerful gestures and deliberate speech:

Make no mistake, Motowism is a religion of empowerment. Doing the ritual above felt almost happily militaristic. Infused with a strong sense of pro-creativity, Motowism is a path for those who use the stuffs of the world as a means of direct spiritual action.

My suggestion: Get into it.


For more information on how to sign up for upcoming courses, please click here.

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