Why Not Buy Some Gold Today? |:| Akshaya Tritiya is Hindu for Bling

Hello, and welcome to today, Akshaya Tritiya, a most auspicious day in the Hindu calendar when buying gold is said to be of great benefit. It is also, according to Hindu mythology, the day Veda Vyasa began to dictate to Ganesh the Mahabharata, a text so large and important, it actually contains the entire Bhagavad Gita within it!

Today is said to be ruled by Vishnu, and according to Hindu mythology, it is on this day that the second of the four yugas, Treta Yuga, began. That means, that on this day a ridiculous amount of years ago, society slipped from the Satya Yuga, the age of Truth, into an age made up of 3/4ths the good stuff and 1/4 baddies. This was also the age when normal human stature was fourteen cubits (around twenty-five feet tall), and the average human lifespan was 10,000 years. Oh, and the river Ganges—arguably the most sacred river in the world—descended to the earth.

Basically, it’s a huge day full of omens of prosperity and opportunities to begin anew.

So why not do something to celebrate? Maybe make a lunch date out of it and walk over to 6th avenue between 28th and 30th to purchase that 14 karat gold Jesus medallion you’ve been ogling at the past six months. Then, make your way over to 26th and Lexington to fill your belly with some $9.99 All-You-Can-Eat Indian lunch buffet.

Unsure about the current price of gold, or why you should even care about gold in the first place? Check out gold’s very own website, www.gold.org, where you’ll find a little bit of the history stuff, along with a few fun facts. For instance, did you know that in 95 BC, Chinese Emperor Hsiao Wu I minted gold commemorative pieces to celebrate the sighting of a unicorn?

Here’s one galloping out of a sea of digital bubbles:


Thanks to Eddie Stern for the tip.

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